Vendo Apadana’s origin dates back to 1983 as a purpose built food storage and distribution company gradually entering the whole sale import and export of basic food commodities before inaugurating its current processing and pasteurizing facility in 2003 at the Khazrai Industrial city – Kerman. Spread over 15,000 Square Meter, the Kerman production facility is equipped with the latest technology and operated by highly trained technicians and specialists in charge of the facility.

Our ability to offer pasteurized products through organic treatment free from chemicals and radiations while selecting our ingredients from the carefully selected farms around the world is our competitive advantage among our competitions.

The combination of our local know how and experiences accumulated over the past decades combined with the deployment of the latest technology along with the food and agricultural industries best practices using the state of the art laboratory while enforcing a comprehensive quality control and inspection procedure has been the corner stone of our success and source of pride in our effort to offer the best quality products and services to our customers.

In addition to our Tehran head quarter and Kerman production and processing facility, Vendo Apadana also has active representation offices in Istanbul, Dubai and Hamburg.