Organic Pasteurization

The Organic Pasteurization process free from chemicals or radiations is the result of combined cycle of Dry saturated steam, Pressure and Temperature without any negative impact on the organoleptic qualities, physical appearances or tastes of the pasteurized products.


Vendo Apadana has the pleasure of offering more than 100 different products in its product menu. Vendo Apadana and to its best of ability has tried to source and secure the highest quality of feed stocks namely: Herbs, Spices and Dry Fruits from the local and international producers including direct off-taking agreement with the local farmers.

Packaging Services

With a dedicated storage and filling facility, Vendo Apadana is in the position to package and deliver the products under the client’s nominated design, brand and unique logo.

Product Formulation

Equipped with the dedicated research and development laboratory while taking advantage of advice from both local and international celebrity chiefs, we are in the position to offer tailor made product recipes that would meet the cultural dietary preference of different nationalities around the globe.


Our mission at Vendo Apadana is to further expand both our local and international product market share through investment in quality, health and safety of our products